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Welcome to our Isles of Scilly Methodist website.  We look forward to welcoming everyone to our churches in hopefully healthier times.

Our June/July 2020 In Touch newsletter has been uploaded please read it to find out all our happenings and news for the next two months. In these times of uncertainty there are assuring and inspiring articles to read. We may not be able to meet but we are able to receive from the Lord.

A new service has been introduced by the national Methodist Church. It consists of two free phone lines:

for a prayer at this time dial           : 0808 281 2514

for the Methodist current news line dial : 0808 281 2478


Important coronavirus update - Following government and Methodist national advice all services and meetings in our churches will be suspended until further notice.

This page will be updated as things improve.

Here is a daily message from our chair of district,

Revd Steve Wild.

and a June 28th message from
Revd Michael Pullan

Reading Matthew 10 v40-42 (additional Matthew 25 v35-40, Psalm 63 v1-8)

Hospitality and water!

These verses conclude Matthew's section on mission. He stresses to the disciples about being received as his followers and a welcome given to them is really welcoming Jesus and God the Father. The reward hinted at probably refers to the end-time and the Son of Man's coming in glory.

In such welcoming a cup of cold water is deemed important. It doesn't sound too much to give (though for some it might involve a long walk and some sacrifice) and was within what they could do. Jesus never asks for more than we can give.
Today Christ calls to the thirsty whose wells are dried up or too far away, or whose water is foul and polluted. He asks as at Jacob's well "can I have a drink of water please?" A question that led to dramatic and positive changes in a woman's life.
"in as much as you have done it......" Mw.25 v34
...Matthew links welcoming people to assisting practically also.
Water is precious; humans can't normally survive more than 48hours without a drink. By giving someone a drink we take our inheritance, the kingdom already prepared.
Symbolically, we might say that real life, beginning here and continuing hereafter only truly begins if we commit to Jesus for our spiritual needs to be met.....Jesus, who identified with the poor, the outcasts and the thirsty and who gasped from the cross one dark Friday afternoon, "I thirst". One of his executioners, moved to compassion, put a sponge on a cane and held it to his lips.
Often help comes from the most unexpected people; thirsty people (whether for liquid or spiritual need) don't care where the "water" comes from.
Let us be thankful for all that God has done and is doing for us.
Let's give thanks for all the people who have helped us materially and spiritually.
Let us respond to every whispered, thirsty cry for helping always in all 3 cases with a grateful heart.

Oh and don't waste "water".

A prayer for this time provided by our minister, Revd Michael Pullan:

When this is over,
may we never again take for granted,
a handshake with friend or stranger,
full shelves at the store,
conversations with neighbours.
a crowded theatre,
Friday night out,
the taste of communion.
a routine check-up
the school run each morning.
coffee with friends,
the stadium roaring,
each deep breath,
a boring Tuesday
Life itself.

When this ends
may we find that we have become more like
the people we wanted to be,
were called to be,
may we stay that way,
better for each other because of the worst.



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Neither height nor depth, nor anything else
in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

   Romans 8:39

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